Results-Driven Data Professional

I help organisations leverage their data to improve their performance

In my consulting career of 30 years, I have delivered value across many organisations. These have included industries such as telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, and retail.

Starting my career as a technical consultant in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) consultancy, I played a key role in building the company into one of the most successful value-added resellers. I achieved the position of Software Development Director in 1999. During that time, the company won the Gold Solution Provider award in 2001 and was nominated for Business of the Year by the local chamber of commerce.

Seeing in 2003 that the ERP market was beginning to stagnate, I decided to broaden my horizons. I joined a Business Intelligence consultancy where I held the position of Senior Business Analyst and later, Business Productivity Advisor where I specialised in corporate performance management (CPM).

In 2005, the entrepreneurial allure once again took hold, and I left to begin a successful association with a newly established management consultancy. I completed a number of projects, both locally and internationally before joining the consultancy full-time in 2006 where I held the position of Managing Consultant. In addition to my client commitments, I was a member of the organisation’s management team. This involved managing and building the already successful consultancy to a team of over 30 consultants.

After nearly four years of building the consultancy, I resigned to pursue consulting opportunities in the United Kingdom. I now hold the position of Head of Business Consulting at a prominent consultancy, where I advise customers on strategy, data strategy, and business change. My specialisation is in marrying the business and technology worlds and have used these skills and experience to successfully deliver a large number of projects, in the United Kingdom, the European Union, Africa and the USA.

I hold both a Bachelor’s degree in business and an Honours degree in strategic management.

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