Hi, I'm Günter, a Results-Driven Data Professional

I help organisations leverage their data to improve their performance

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As an experienced data, technology, and business consultant, I am deeply passionate about helping organisations transform and grow. I have honed my skills over the years and developed a unique expertise in using data and technology to drive positive change and growth within organisations, helping them achieve their strategic objectives. My approach to transformation is centered around people-focused principles. I strongly believe that the success of any transformation effort lies in engaging and empowering an organisation’s people.

Have We Run Out of Problems to Solve?

Now I don’t mean problems like poverty, hunger, and disease. I mean problems to which software is a solution. There used to be a meme which was along the lines of “there is an app for that”. Today it seems that is the case. Take a moment to sit back and think of a...

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Buzzsprout Review

Another Buzzsprout review? Well, after being inspired by people like Pat Flynn, I’d been wanting to start a podcast for a while. I had been giving some serious thought as to the topic and eventually decided on a careers themed podcast. Specifically helping people...

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