Hi, I'm Günter, a Results-Driven Data Professional

I help organisations leverage their data to improve their performance

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As an experienced data, technology, and business consultant, I am deeply passionate about helping organisations transform and grow. I have honed my skills over the years and developed a unique expertise in using data and technology to drive positive change and growth within organisations, helping them achieve their strategic objectives. My approach to transformation is centered around people-focused principles. I strongly believe that the success of any transformation effort lies in engaging and empowering an organisation’s people.

What It Takes to Succeed in Sales

Say the word "sales" and people react in one of two ways. They either love it, or the concept fills them with dread! Some people choose sales as a career path and some don't. But then others find themselves needing sales skills to grow in their current roles, or when...

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The Agile Career Podcast is Live

I have been contemplating the idea of a podcast for a number of years but have been procrastinating on putting it into action. Perhaps even subconsiously thinking that podcasts might just be a flash in the pan. It seems this is not the case and the popularity of...

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