Software and information product bundles have been around for a while on the internet and a little while ago I was approached by a site called Infostack is a discount deal site that offers various themed bundles of digital resources worth thousands of dollars for a low price (usually $49) for a short time.

To cut a long story short, Infostack had seen one of my online training courses and wanted to know if I would be willing to offer my course as part of their next bundle! The prospect excited me but I wanted to check things out in a little more detail. So I decided to check Infostack out.

Working with both their Cofounder and Head of Partnerships, I learnt more about the business and the upcoming launch of The Side Hustle 3.0 Toolbox. I decided I was in and on Tuesday 20 July 2021 the toolbox launched, containing my online course “How To Build a Business Plan” and excellent content from another 30+ professionals. I was so excited, I bought the toolbox myself! You can watch an “unboxing” video here

I’ve been looking at this in more detail and at first I was overwhelmed. There are a lot of resources and this toolkbox is simply astoudning. Here’s why. In fact, here are five reasons why.

Reason 1. They feature truly legit contributors

So when I first started digging into the Super Stack concept, as they call it, I reviewed all of the contributors and all their products. I thought for sure these would be no-name scammers who are just trying to make a buck.

I was proven wrong.

I discovered these are just some of the heavyweights Infostack collaborates with to create their side hustle bundles: 

  • The creator of the Best Side Hustle Blog in 2020 with over 100k monthly users featured on MSN, CNBC, Business Insider, & LA Times
  • The 2x TEDx speaker and award-winning “Best in Business” author featured on Thrive Global, Business Insider and
  • The 7-Figure Etsy & Shopify seller turned coach featured in The New York Times, CNBC,, HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Bustle, Martha Stewart, Country Living, & Yahoo
  • A financial writer, speaker, and consultant featured in Business Insider, Nerdwallet, Investopedia, The Balance, HuffPo, & Investor Junkie
  • The founder of OXG Media who helps eCommerce businesses scale to 7 and 8 figures with paid traffic, very quickly, within a couple of months
  • The founder of Talented Ladies Club, an online magazine and training academy that unlocks the potential of women frequently seen on BBC TV, Sky News, and The Guardian and The Daily Mail newspapers
  • The founder of Business Mom Collective that helps success-driven moms start and grow their online business, featured on the Brilliant Business Moms Podcast


As if that wasn’t enough, Estie Rand is a contributor in the upcoming toolbox and is a certified professional coach of over 12 years who hosts the Business Breakthrough Podcast featured on Nasdaq and is a contributor to Entrepreneur. Yahoo Finance lists Estie as one of the Top 10 Business Consultants plus she’s the host of the annual LinkedIn Influencer Summit. 

Plus, look who else they’ve worked with (the names in bold are contributors to The Side Hustle Toolbox 3.0)

Corbett Barr – CEO and Co-Founder of Fizzle and Palapa

Seth Green – The nation’s foremost authority on how to grow your business with a cult of 50 evangelists featured on Forbes, Inc, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX

Anne Janzer – Award-winning author and creator of “Subscription Marketing”

Amira Irfan – Business lawyer and founder of A Self Guru

Dana Wilde – Bestselling author of “Train Your Brain” and featured in the hit movie, “The Abundance Factor”

Eli Natoli – International bestselling author, speaker, and coach

Kyle Gray – Content marketing expert and bestselling author of “The Story Engine”

Daniella Flores- Founder of

Lise Cartwright – Author and coach at

Jenni Waldrop – Founder of Fuzzy and Birch

Alinka Rutkowska – USA Today and WSJ bestselling author

Matthew Dunn – Founder of Campaign Genius, serial entrepreneur & technology executive

Reason 2. The products in the bundle aren’t low-quality bargain basement products

Instead, I only found really good products. Products like Campaign Genius’s Real-Time Toolbox for Email Solo Plan that’s included in the upcoming Side Hustle Toolbox for 6 Months FREE! (At $69 a month, that’s a $414 Value)

It’s hard to feel conned when you realize you can spend $49 to get a ton of products and scoop a six month subscription to the top platform for email marketers with an established list to deliver better content with less work for 90% less than what it costs just to have the Real-Time Toolbox from Campaign Genius!

Here’s a few of the first class products they’ve included in their Side Hustle Toolboxes… (the ones in bold are included in The Side Hustle Toolbox 3.0)

  • An Easy & Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint to Launch Your Shopify Store $397 Value
  • Freelancing Freedom: Essentials Edition $295 Value
  • Blogging For Profit Bundle $297 Value
  • Hustle Got Real Dropshipping Software $300 Value
  • Podcasting Made Easy: How to Launch a Successful Podcast in 8 Weeks – or Less! $395 Value
  • Learn How to Become a Virtual Assistant with Little or No Technical Skills $79 Value
  • Digital Product Launcher $299 Value
  • Package Your VA Service Offerings $149 Value
  • Independent Contractor Agreement/Freelance Contract Template $97 Value
  • Podcast Rockstar $197 Value
  • The Amazon and Shopify Masterclass $99.99 Value
  • Clubhouse Funnel Formula $97 Value

Real products. Real prices. Real savings.

Mind = blown.

Reason 3. I couldn’t prove they weren’t offering tons of value

When I spoke to the guys at Infostack, I asked about their previous side hustle stacks. Of course, they were more than happy to share. Turns out none of them cost a cent more than $49! It’s crazy…but it’s true. 

  • Side Hustle Toolbox: 10 Products. Total Value: $1,011.93
  • Side Hustle Toolbox 2.0: 28 Products. Total Value: $1,960.95
  • Side Hustle Toolbox 2.0 Flash Sale: 37 Products. Total Value: $2,875.95
  • Side Hustle Toolbox 3.0: 29 Products. Total Value: $3,207.79

That’s a LOT of content for side hustlers… and given that the contributors and products are all top-class, it is impressive how they’ve managed to put all this together.

Reason 4. I couldn’t ignore the premium quality eCourses, masterclasses, and training programs included from leading experts

At this point I’m getting tired of having my expectations smashed, but maybe the ecourses and training programs would be cheap products no one would want. Right? 

Wrong again.

I have been going through some of the ecourses, masterclasses, and training programs Infostack have included and here’s what I’m seeing.

Get the 101 to Start Your Side Hustle

Discover the best side hustle for you even if you are not certain what you want to do! ($47 value)

The complete no-nonsense guide to starting a side hustle. ($97 value)

Turn your Side Hustle Idea into Real Money with an Online Shop

Your roadmap to start up your digital sales business on Etsy and get sales – fast. ($57 value)

How to create your online shop from scratch and start earning extra money, even with zero experience. ($99.99 value)

Build a Shopify store that looks professionally branded and converts like crazy & no design skills required. ($37 value)

So Many Side Hustles, So Little Time…

Create a digital product buyers will love, without losing money, even if you don’t know where to start. ($299 value)

Take a comprehensive, inside look at the field of voice overs and audiobook narration. ($49 value)

Launch your podcast in 8 weeks or less. ($395 value)

Earn up to $1k a month blogging (even with a full-time job) ($67 value)

Create slick SEO-optimized online blog posts and articles like a pro. ($97 value)

Convert Clubhouse & LinkedIn Connections into Cash

Connect & convert clients on Clubhouse ($97 value)

Turn LinkedIn connections into clients, in less than 15 minutes a day for 15 days! ($97 value)

And this isn’t even the complete lineup.

Reason 5. What about that 60-Day Money Back Guarantee though?

A 60-day no nonsense money back guarantee. This is the real deal!

What was it that Carl Sagan once said? 

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” 

Infostack offers a lot for $49, and on the face of it, it does look too good to be true. But as I discovered for myself, (and reviewed here) it’s all true. I think the evidence proves it. 

And it is kind of extraordinary.

So if you have a side hustle and you want to earn more money from it, or you’ve got an idea for a side hustle but don’t know how to start and anything turns up in your Inbox that has Infostack’s name on it, you can count on it being super legit and the best value you’ll ever get for $49…in maybe…ever!

So take a look here like it’s a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket and start side hustling like a pro. You can thank me later.