I have been contemplating the idea of a podcast for a number of years but have been procrastinating on putting it into action. Perhaps even subconsiously thinking that podcasts might just be a flash in the pan. It seems this is not the case and the popularity of podcasts continues to grow. I am therefore extremely happy to annouce that the first show of my new podcast is live!

The podcast is titled “The Agile Career Podcast” and the key theme is the move from employed for life to employable for life. The podcast will focus on providing insights, tips, and strategies to build transferable skills to support this.

The insights, tips, and strategies will be built on the framework of understanding where you currently are, what the skills are you need to grow, and how to actually go ahead and do this. The podcast will also feature a number of guests who will share their stories, challenges, and inights.

Take a listen to the launch epsisode which is available below and will also soon appear on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. I would love to hear your feedback and also any requests for show topics or the sort of guests you would like to hear from.

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