The time had come to purchase a new laptop and after having promising myself an Apple as my next notebook, I set about convincing myself that the new Apple MacBook Pro was in fact the way to go!

So come Sunday, on the way to lunch with the family I hit the Apple iStore at Clearwater mall, whipped out the Visa card and became the proud owner of a MacBook Pro!

Having owned a couple of Apple computers before, I knew that I would not be disappointed. A few hours after lunch I was up and running with my applications installed and my data transferred, already loving my new Mac.

Anyway, to cut a long story short – on Thursday my mobile phone rings; ‘Good day Mr. Richter, this is Angelo calling from the Apple iStore. You purchased a MacBook Pro on Sunday, and I wanted to see how you were enjoying the new computer, and is there anything else that we can assist you with?’. Wow! I was pretty much blown away. When last did you receive a call from a retailer after having bought something. Not even when it was a large ticket item like a car.

Well done Angelo, and well done Apple iStore Clearwater! A great customer experience.